the demiurge

Somalia was once a land, welcoming, receptive,supportive
It’d sprout only the best, and only the best was returned to it
But when the soil became soaked with hatred and the rain clouds became pregnant with anger, it gave rise to people whose souls were infertile
Unable to give or receive love
So the earth pushed out what remained it could of the good people, and the seeds were scattered all over the globe, to save what’s left of Somalia
Its essence nestled in the hearts of children, the budding resurrection
For very long I was confused about where my roots belonged
Torn in between two continents
My soul belonging to the Nordic chill, and thawed by my East African temperament
I recently realized that life’s flow brought me here not so I can spread my roots
But so that my heart can mature and pollinate the world
So that one day, the entire world will become a welcoming, receptive, supportive land for all

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