the truth’s burrow

I’m a gravedigger
I dig through the words of deceased intellectuals for remnants of the truths with which they inked their thoughts
The seasons revolve as I’m rummaging, still
Guided by an impassioned pull,
The truth has a force mightier than gravity
And all those who try to deny it suffer
As much as those who jump off high rise buildings, trying to defy gravity, suffer when illusion meets pavement
Or even more. Dead bodies deter those living from meeting a similar fate, but dead souls lure others into the black hole that extinguished their light
Illusions are titillating because we are gods, if only for a moment
We aim to conquer the truth because it’s less scary than letting it conquer us
Our egos are like vampires who seek a life in the dark
The light kills, but it also gives life
A life that persists even after one’s body has ceased to be
And it’s that life I am digging for
I catch a whiff, and I rub it all over me, in hopes that my inner vampire isn’t tempted to walk into the darkness
I contain black holes and stars, constantly tugging me to each side
The only way to keep centered is to keep digging.

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