be a transformer


If you have a dream or an idea and you can make out all the reasons why it wouldn’t work or it’d be impossible:

What you’re thinking about isn’t the ‘reality’ that makes your dreams obsolete, but the faulty mindsets that make your dreams impossible. In other words, the obstacles don’t exist in the outside world, but lie within you in the form of limiting beliefs. Conjuring fears and pessimism after you get an inspiration,  is like digging through the dirt to plant the seed. Don’t be disheartened or think that’s a sign you should quit. Focus on dissolving that belief by defying it. Don’t challenge or disprove it. It’s not of you, it’s a foreign body that will wither and die as soon as you starve it of attention and validation. Reroute your energy into what you want to happen, even if you don’t know how.

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