the waiting game 

»You’re being taught by Allaah

»Lessons are always streaming in

» You’re always on time. You can’t speed up or skip a lesson.

» You can only turn it down or let it in. Your progress is in accordance with how much you venture into the infinite space of the soul.

»Everything that you experience is transforming you into the person you were created to be. The person that you’ve been longing to become all your life.

» Your mind has no way of knowing how this chaos and confusion could culminate in anything good. Your mind is demanding reasons as to why it should trust intuition. Don’t listen to it. Let its nagging fall on deaf ears. Feel the fearful and negative energy that your mind is desperately trying to shield you from, thinking it’s danger. Know that it’s not danger. Know that those feelings that bubble up are old emotional blocks and that they are fleeting. Know that you’re stronger than any pain and you’re worth every bit of this tedious task of unfolding.

» Embrace the silence. Imagine that you’re an overworked mother who needs a break from her whiny 7 year old. Close the door on your mind and rest in the cavern of your consciousness.
»You have a lot of outrageously good dreams,and ideas that keep you up at night and wistful longings that sear into your gut. But, again, your mind. It doesn’t know the ‘how‘. It tries to talk you out of it. It’s not malicious, it’s just that it’s been guarding you all your life and leaving the nest is going to be less than seamless. A lot of the how exist in the unknown and to ensure that you keep the momentum going, you have to have faith. Faith is simply a trust in something that you don’t have proof for. Faith is being vulnerable with life.

»When you imagine having kids, do you ever think: how am I suppose to create a living breathing human who is a mix of me and my spouse’s genes? Is there a course for creating the brain, from scratch? The soul? The heart? How do you program the fetus so it knows that eviction date is at 9 months?

» Of course you don’t. That’s stuff you assume just happens because you take it for granted. But that shit is bonkers if you think about it! An complete snd complex human being with a personality and instincts hitting the ground running when a year ago they did not exist at all! We don’t think about that stuff. That’s the ‘how’ of life. The same ‘how’ that keeps you from your dreams. You were never supposed to do this on your own. You’re not meant to carry all that weight.

»The void between where you are and where you want to be is the incubation period where you transform into your dreams. Don’t abort your dreams.

{It’s going to be ok. Take a deep breath, and don’t be swept away. Don’t let a temporary wave drown everything you are and have endured.

You’re going to be ok.♥

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