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›› Sometimes obstacles appear on your path not to stop your progress but to remind you to process all the previous progress you’ve made.

›› Your inability to digest difficult emotions becomes your inability to live your dreams.

›› You can’t enjoy a night’s sleep if you’re dreading the occasional nightmare.

›› Life doesn’t necessarily become better as you achieve and acquire more things. But your gratitude palate becomes richer the more thought you spend on things that are important to you. Gratitude is the imagination of the heart. You can do a lot with little material gains if you master the art of gratitude.

›› What would you do if in 2017 you did not achieve a single goal you had aimed for ? What would you do if everything you’re banking on to make you feel better passing the time, didn’t pan out? You’d come back to the emotions you’re trying to get away from. What if you didn’t have to get away from them? What if you desired and achieved from a place of creative expression and possibility instead of desiring from a place of discontentment with your status quo and a wish to be somewhere else?

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