Real shit to keep in mind for 2017

I aint a conspiracy nut, but listen. My INFJ senses be firing off. Don’t tell me I didn’t let you know.


  1. The internet isn’t a  meritocracy. Stop asking why someone who’s good at whatever they do isn’t more known/doesn’t have a bigger following than someone who’s mediocre but more famous. Integrity, creativity and courage doesn’t do well with algorithms and tags.

  2. Realize that social media isn’t a reality. It’s virtual reality curated by you. Meaning, you searched for ideas or people based on impulses you got. You thought up a clever/witty username to stand out in the crowd, you processed your thoughts to create statuses that’d garner the most reactions. Everyone and everything on social media is a direct response to you. You’re a virtual deity. But don’t deceive yourself into thinking the world is confined to your passwords.

  3. Change doesn’t need numbers. It needs focus. Focus needs purpose and passion. Not trends on twitter and reblogs.

  4. What would you do if you had no access to internet for an entire month? How would you react? What would you do with your time for that whole month?

  5. 2017 is going to be the beginning of a turbulent era. An era of darkness and ignorance. It’s not going to be such because of some extraordinary evil force, but because majority of mankind are dazed  and addicted to social media. Do yourself a favour this coming year and wean yourself off social media before it’s too late.

  6. Think about it: social media is our real addiction, and we’re in a codependent relationship with people of status – celebrities, high ranking politicians,activists. They tend to have narcissistic tendencies, and that’s how they are able to survive at such high altitudes. Altitudes that no compassionate, thinking, feeling human being should thrive at. They do it because they aren’t those things. They know it because they used all the sick people as stepping stones. Our weakness is their power. We promise them a devout following if they promise to please us.

  7. Social media is based on erasing critical thinking, personal boundaries, self-esteem and self-empowerment. Instead of basing decisions on personal conviction and value, one bases it on the probability of getting the most amount of likes and exposure. What does the majority respond to? Whatever it is, it aint the truth.

  8. For a while, things are going to seem very, very lonely. You’ll think the whole world is in disarray, your idols don’t have a clue and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry. What you’re feeling is the dissolution of an old paradigm that has been eroding humanity and nature for way too long, and it’s going to get uncomfortable BUT it’s just a phase. Befriend solitude. It’s scary but extremely rewarding.

  9. Learn to find the calm in the storm, because there’s going to be plenty of those.

  10. History repeats itself. Many have gone through the shifts we’re experiencing. The discomfort of dissolution has given birth to visionaries who’ve fortunately left behind a huge trail of books. You’ll find solace in writers.

  11. Don’t look for the world to feed you. The world has fed you long enough. It needs you now. So feed off your own power, stand by your own support, be comforted by your own voice.

  12. What happens in the external realm is just an extension of the inner. It’s just a symptom of a deeper ailment. Don’t waste your energy firing off at Trump or climate change. Look within and sever the roots this corrupt tree has grown in you.  Then grow your own tree of self-awareness. That’s how you can help humanity evolve past destruction, in the long run.


2 responses to Real shit to keep in mind for 2017

  1. Neosomaliana – Author

    Wa alaykumussalaam. Sorry for the late response.

    What made you pull the plug on social media? And how do you feel now?

    Here’s to an insightful 2017!


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