Typing famous black folks ( MBTI)

Even after over 6 years of being acquainted with the Myers-Briggs typology, I’m not too well versed. But I do have an awful habit of always guessing people’s types and mapping different actions and quirks to see what type they most likely could match. Whilst practically every white celebrity ( and fictional characters)  has been typed, I haven’t seen more than a handful of black celebrities. So I spent all night trying to remember the people I’ve previously guessed ( turns out I have a weakness for NFs). Don’t take this for gospel truth. If you have a different take on any person I’ve typed, please do comment and let me know. This isn’t conclusive. I’ll probably type more notable blacks as they come to mind. I can’t blame the absence of black people in MBTI circles on anyone but blacks. The onus is on us to express our truths. Funnily enough, most of the famous people I included are American. Seems like I’m too deep in the pop culture thing. Anyway, here goes;


Kendrick Lamar
– Frank Ocean

– Tech 9ne

– Erykah Badu

– James Baldwin

– Eartha Kitt

– Jesse Williams

– Janelle Monáe

– Angel Haze

– Corinne Bailey Rae

– Hopsin

– Nas

– Lauryn Hill

– Sade

– Issa Rae

– Audre Lorde

– Maya Angelou

– Toni Morrison

– Zadie Smith

– Vic Mensa

– Emeli Sande

– India.Arie

– Lupe Fiasco


– Alicia Keys

– Amaal Nuux

– Rihanna

– Jhene Aiko

– Solange Knowles

– Jidenna

– The Weeknd

– FKA Twigs


– Dave Chappelle

– Trevor Noah

– Nathan Zed

– Chris Rock

– Gabrielle Union



-Malcolm X

– Shaun King

– Marc Lamont Hill

– Bell Hooks

– Cornel West

– Lecrae

– Kid Cudi

– Akala

– Harry Belafonte

– Angela Davis

– Ava Duvernay

– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

– 2pac




– Ebro ( Hot 97)

– Hannibal Buress

– Charlemagne Da God




Nick Cannon

– Taraji P. Henson



Wendy  Williams

– Nicki Minaj

– Tyra Banks

– Idris Elba


– Beyoncé

– Ciara

– Kerry Washington

– John Legend


– Denzel Washington


Jay Z

– Dr Dre

– Shonda Rhimes


– The Notorious B.I.G

– Chris Brown

– Kanye West



– Van Jones

– Martin Luther King jr.

– Barack Obama

– Chance the Rapper

10 responses to Typing famous black folks ( MBTI)

  1. Ricky

    Hey! If you had the time, I would love to know some of your reasoning behind typing Angela Davis and Malcolm X as INFJs. Why? Because I’m an INFJ myself, and actually have seriously considered/dreamed of following a path like hers (studying philosophy, society, and then started an organization aimed at real, radical change). Also, I would like to know what you think about Frantz Fanon’s type. I think he’s an INFJ as well haha, because: psychiatry, philosophy, immense passion and respect for “the people” and their potential, and the whole cynical/compassionate vibe I pick up on. I must admit that this is far from a rigorous scientific approach to typing that I’m doing here lol.

    Also, let me guess, *sees long list of INFPs* you’re an INFP?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Neosomaliana – Author

      Heya! I’m actually INFJ, and reason why I picked up more INFPs is because they are more easily discernible – and close to my heart- than INFJs. We’re seriously shape shifters. And I typed using my intuition, so take it with a grain of salt.

      I feel that Angela Davis and Malcolm X’s dedication towards embodying the truth they perceived is a distinct INFJ trait; to put their need for harmony on the line for a greater cause

      Frantz Fanon is similar, but he could also be INTJ. Again, this is speculation .

      I think you already have a path in mind but you’re not sure if it’s the one. And what I can tell you is that a revolution isn’t forged it’s born out of stirred emotions. So follow what tugs at your heart, but validate your inner voice above all.


      • Ricky

        Intuitive speculation is the best! Haha, I just wish it was easier to confirm…

        (If you still care about typing:) With regards to Fanon being an INTJ, I would point out how, as I remember, he tends describe things in less of a technical way and more figuratively.

        I’m obsessively trying to find what to major in. I actually have a handful in mind and am strongly doubting the potential of any one to be “the one,” but I feel that they’re different enough that there must be “one” that would the “best.” However, I do really appreciate your advice and will keep it in mind. I just can’t help but be insecure about my inner voice because I feel and fear that it may be wrong, which is why I’m trying to Ti my way to accuracy.


  2. Aaron

    I’d argue that both Frank Ocean and Kanye West are both very much ISFP’s. Kanye Specifically does not exhibit any signs of extroversion to me, besides him being very loud and disruptive in isolated incidents. He is also known for isolating himself for days while working on music.


  3. Tupac was an ENFJ. He’s charisma and impulsiveness makes it obvious that he is an extrovert.
    Chance the rapper is an ENFP.
    Malcolm X is an INTJ. Which INFJ is as abrasive and direct in speech as Malcolm X? None.
    Dave Chappelle an ESTP.


  4. Smug

    50 Cent – INTJ (No joke! Read “50th Law”, and tell me that isn’t true)
    Kobe Bryant – ISTJ


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