Typing famous black folks ( MBTI)

Even after over 6 years of being acquainted with the Myers-Briggs typology, I’m not too well versed. But I do have an awful habit of always guessing people’s types and mapping different actions and quirks to see what type they most likely could match. Whilst practically every white celebrity ( and fictional characters)  has been typed, I haven’t seen more than a handful of black celebrities. So I spent all night trying to remember the people I’ve previously guessed ( turns out I have a weakness for NFs). Don’t take this for gospel truth. If you have a different take on any person I’ve typed, please do comment and let me know. This isn’t conclusive. I’ll probably type more notable blacks as they come to mind. I can’t blame the absence of black people in MBTI circles on anyone but blacks. The onus is on us to express our truths. Funnily enough, most of the famous people I included are American. Seems like I’m too deep in the pop culture thing. Anyway, here goes;


Kendrick Lamar
– Frank Ocean

– Tech 9ne

– Erykah Badu

– James Baldwin

– Eartha Kitt

– Jesse Williams

– Janelle Monáe

– Angel Haze

– Corinne Bailey Rae

– Hopsin

– Nas

– Lauryn Hill

– Sade

– Issa Rae

– Audre Lorde

– Maya Angelou

– Toni Morrison

– Zadie Smith

– Vic Mensa

– Emeli Sande

– India.Arie

– Lupe Fiasco


– Alicia Keys

– Amaal Nuux

– Rihanna

– Jhene Aiko

– Solange Knowles

– Jidenna

– The Weeknd

– FKA Twigs


– Dave Chappelle

– Trevor Noah

– Nathan Zed

– Chris Rock

– Gabrielle Union



-Malcolm X

– Shaun King

– Marc Lamont Hill

– Bell Hooks

– Cornel West

– Lecrae

– Kid Cudi

– Akala

– Harry Belafonte

– Angela Davis

– Ava Duvernay

– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

– 2pac




– Ebro ( Hot 97)

– Hannibal Buress

– Charlemagne Da God




Nick Cannon

– Taraji P. Henson



Wendy  Williams

– Nicki Minaj

– Tyra Banks

– Idris Elba


– Beyoncé

– Ciara

– Kerry Washington

– John Legend


– Denzel Washington


Jay Z

– Dr Dre

– Shonda Rhimes


– The Notorious B.I.G

– Chris Brown

– Kanye West



– Van Jones

– Martin Luther King jr.

– Barack Obama

– Chance the Rapper

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