Malcolm X on Trump

​Well, if Goldwater ever becomes president, one thing his presence in the White House will do, it’ll make black people in America have to face up to the facts – probably for the first time in many, many years.

And this in itself is good in that Goldwater is a man who is not capable of hiding his racist tendencies and at the same time he’s not capable of even pretending to negroes that he’s their friend. 

So this will have a tendency to make the negro probably for the first time do something to stand on his own feet and solve his own problems, instead of putting himself in a position to be misled, misused, exploited by the whites who pose as liberals only for the purpose of getting the support of the negro. 

So in one sense, Goldwater’s coming in will awaken the negro and will probably awaken the entire world more so than the world has been awakened since Hitler.


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