Schrödinger’s life 

​10 second snaps, 140 character tweets, 7 second vines. Fill fill fill. Every minute, every corner, every feeling; don’t leave anything to an ambiguous silence or else your inner void will suck you inwards.
Do do do! Doesn’t matter what you think or feel about the doing, just keep moving. 

As long as you’re ticking the social laundry list of achievements, don’t worry about how you feel about yourself. You’re insignificant unless you’re recognized by the majority.
Don’t waste a dime by not spending it. Don’t waste a minute in silence. Unless you can see your life running out right in front of you, how can you know that you’re alive?

If others can’t attest to your wittiness, your abilities, your social standing, do you even matter? 

Fill your hands and mouth to conceal your gaping inner void. At least until you’re placed in a hole in the ground and your grave is filled with sand. 

Respond to Schrödinger’s life 

Fire away!

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