America – Home of the White, Land of the Wealthy 

I just finished watching Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th and I had goosebumps and cold chills running down my spine from start till finish. I cried. I cried seeing all these black people systematically treated as subhumans. I cried when I saw a snippet of an interview with Kalief Browder who was held in Riker’s Island for 3 years – 2 of which were in solitary confinement for a petty crime he didn’t even commit. Two years after he was released he committed suicide, in June 2015. His mother died today of heartbreak – literally. 
It’s abominable. And I urge white people to look at their history that informs their privileged present time. I urge them to not shirk away by absolving themselves of what their relatives, grandfathers, workmates perpetuate. Injustice might start isolated, but it always spreads, like cancer.

Here’s an excerpt from the film, and I urge you to make it a point to watch it and let it ripple through you. Let it sink in. Sit with the uncomfortable truth. Our world is marred with violence and oppression because of silent bystanders who didn’t want to feel and face the cold reality.

 Police violence – that isn’t the problem in and of itself. It’s a reflection of a much larger, brutal system. [One] of racial and social control known as mass incarceration which authorizers this kind of police violence.

2 responses to America – Home of the White, Land of the Wealthy 

  1. I, like all normal, sane people, don’t absolve myself from what my relatives, grandfathers, workmates do because there nothing to absolve; If I didn’t do it, I’m not culpable for it just because I’m White too.

    You might want to consider your attitude since you Blacks seem to hate being held accountable for what members of your culture do – though in your case, being Somali, that’s only tangental to the Blacks inside America’s borders.


  2. Neosomaliana – Author

    Hmm. You say there’s nothing for you to absolve yet you rush to the defense of your ego.Not only that, but you make sure to other blacks by saying YOU BLACKS and put them down because how dare a black perturb the equilibrium of the white universe by talking back and talking of the many centuries of systematic violence and oppression created by whites? I’m Somali, but I’m black and I’m a Swede and I’m a Muslim and I’m a third culture kid and I’m a woman. You don’t get to box me in a pre-set definition.

    Yes, you’re very much culpable because there is no neutrality when it comes to injustice. Native Americans, Latino, and Black Americans who’ve finally gained momentum to have their voices heard are being blocked by white people like you who want to deny our narrative and invalidate our experiences. White people like you who are more concerned with the semantics and technicalities than with the reality.

    THAT attitude created Trump.

    As for my attitude, I don’t absolve blacks of reproach. If you had spent some time reading my blog you’d have known that I’m a vocal advocate for self-empowerment and against victim mentality. My position is that of Frantz Fanon:

    “The Negro enslaved by his inferiority, the white man enslaved by his superiority alike behave in accordance with a neurotic orientation.”

    — Frantz Fanon (Black Skin, White Masks)

    Meaning, when you’ve been subjected to constant and consistent violence, deprivation, oppression that blacks all over the world have endured at the hands of whites, learned helplessness is a real thing that develops as a defense mechanism. And I’m focusing on that learned helplessness to reclaim the power from white supremacy.

    Addressing and untangling the generational impacts of what BOTH our forefathers have experienced or perpetuated is vital to us leaving history behind. Whether we like it or not, our parents psychosocial circumstances and attitudes cast a huge shadow over us. We aren’t just the product of their DNA, but their outlooks and mindsets and beliefs as well. Pointing out white supremacy and dealing with black specific issues aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s a knee-jerk reaction of whites to triangulate when pressed.

    I refuse and resist your selective denial and amnesia.


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