It Won’t Stop 

My swagged out G-Ma

Anyone who has ever changed the world – for good or bad – has never started with a plan and a team. 
They started by creating something new with the threads of their soul’s yearning and their mind’s perspective. They chiseled that world out of their doubts and dreams and practice and mistakes. 
The prototype went through incubation and gestation until it gained enough momentum to explode into the world, and ravage through whatever obstacles appears in its way. 
The prototype would make the world bend to fit it, and it’d use its edges to cut and chisel whatever space restrains it. 
Change is never welcomed or supported or lauded. 

So. Stop looking for support where you won’t find any. Stop looking for confirmations to your doubts. Only your imagination and efforts are your obstacles. 
Too many put a lot of effort and work into something they don’t believe in. 

And too few are hesitant of their magnanimous dreams. 
What did people think of any prophet when they first proclaimed their divine paradigm shift?
They were rejected, scoffed at, humiliated, mocked. By whom? Those most established. Adjusting to the world isn’t a feat of strength. In fact, the ‘misfits’ and those who are the most dysfunctional in terms of being ‘normal’ are those with the emotional sensitivity to know that there’s something terribly amiss. 
Martin Luther the Reformer

Galileo Galilei


Harriet Beecher Stowe 

Queen Nzinga

Mohamed Abdullah Hassan

Nikola Tesla 

Malcolm X

These notable figures who left a significant dent in history and the course of human intellectual and cultural development were never given a seat at the table. They projected a hologram of their vision on the world, and kept it focused there until its shadow was seared into the collective fibre of humanity. 

And they died. Most didn’t experience the widespread validation and celebration of their masterminds. They went to their graves a little short of obscurity. But they made the most of their lives. They didn’t hold back anything. 

Yes, people are cruel and judgemental and ruthless. Yes the most evil and corrupt enjoy the most power and privilege.Yes you’ll be stuck in unknown situations. Yes you’ll face your worst case scenarios and fears. 
But what do you think you’re here on earth for? It aint for Pity & Chill. You came against your will and you’ll leave against your will. Now LIVE against people’s will.
You’re not entitled to a ‘fair’ life. You’re not entitled to ‘prosperity’ or being loved. You have everything you need within you, but you can only experience the full potential of you when you detach from everything you have and are at the moment and for once bet on YOU.
Make do with whatever cards you’ve been dealt and for crying out loud, don’t get stuck in your sorrows! They are meant to be weights to strengthen your soul with, not drown by. 
MacGyver your way out of your doubts and setbacks. You.Got.This 👊

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