Raw draft 

​The most revolutionary thing you can do is to be all of you. It’s to discover who you are, discard who you aren’t, discourage anyone who’s out to dim your light.

 That’s it. You don’t have to strategize. You don’t have to know the right people. You know why? Because Allaah created a revolution when He created you. He created something unique and that even your own mother had no clue of. You came and people had to make room for you. You demanded and people complied. And you grew because you were nurtured. And you were nurtured because you channelled all your needs – essential or otherwise. 

Within you lies a fire that can be seen from the other side of the globe. Within you lies words that travel faster than the speed of light. Within you lies a touch that heals without touching. 
And every piece of you holds a certain amount of magic. Every wound holds an elixir. Every fear holds tranquility. 
What you see as setbacks are blessings redirecting you to your true path. What you see as tragedy is a rescue mission to wake up your comatose soul. What you see as loss is you gaining back yourself from external attachments. 
You can’t know how things are going to pan out. You can’t know if the person you’re enamoured with or job you’re convinced is your calling is your path or just a substitute teacher. But it doesn’t really matter. Attach your hope to Allaah and He’ll suffice you. 
What’s yours won’t come to you just because you obsess over it. Nor will you lose it if you’re detached from it. 
Embody your truth. And in moments of confusion and doubt and pain – remember that you’re not alone in this journey. Call out to or whisper or just think about Allaah, and He’ll soothe your heart. Just thinking about Him will soothe your heart. 
In the end what really matters is ; does your outer align with your inner? Only when they align will your inner universe unlock.

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