​My ultimate dream is to have an expansive soul. A soul free to roam the infinite breadth and depth of the universe.
To be able to express myself without fear, but also be able to retreat into myself without dreading my darkness.
To be able to go into the unknown undeterred, but also be grounded in the now.
To be able to pour my all into loving unconditionally and intensely, whilst remaining my own person and not latching on to the other.
To be able to risk for my creativity’s beckoning, but also be content with what I have already become and created.
To be able to defend myself against other’s wrongdoing, and have the inner freedom to choose instead to do right by me. 
To be able to give without fear of losing, and to receive without fear of being engulfed or overwhelmed. 
To be able to observe doubt objectively, but ultimately embracing the innate uncertainty of faith.

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