Energetic alchemy 

I could ignore my pain

Carry on pretend like I’m sane

But I want a life that will last me a legacy

An eternity

I want to build a life that my great grand children can benefit from 

Find solace in

I want to oust my demons and face my fears so that others can look to me in their hour of need when they are about to give up,and be reminded that it’s worth it

Feeling the toxic as it flows out of your body is the only way you get rid of it

I’ve already suffered and I can’t help what others choose to do to me. But I won’t let the stirred up emotions and energies be squandered. I’ll transform them into strengths, and put them back where they belong.

In the heart of humanity 

I want the toxic waste and built-up insanity of the world to flow through and out of me 
I want the cracks in my heart to be a portal for a new reality to seep through into the world 
I want my scars to hold back the evil in the atmosphere 

I don’t want to make history. I want to make a steady future.

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