To seek you must first lose

Midnight thoughts & thunders

 〈serial soliloquies〉

•You can’t think yourself into being.
•You can think yourself into having, but not being.
•What you have, you possess. Consequently, what you possess drains your inner strength.
•What you are, possesses you. Consequently, what possesses you augments and feeds your inner strength.
•Thus, anything you are you received before you were born.

•There’s nothing that you can acquire ( through thought) that would impact your being. You therefore can’t rid yourself of unwanted feelings through thought. The thought would merely redirect the discomfort, but not dissolve it.
• The way of being is emotions (abstract)

•The way of having is thoughts (pragmatic)
• Any external situation or the perception of a situation stems from your emotions, which then fuel thoughts. The way to change any situation is by reversing the process. Assess the root emotions, and once you acknowledge the faulty ‘pipes’, your thoughts can know what to avoid.
• Creativity, joy, courage, love, empathy, insight – these are facets of being. You can’t possess them. They possess you.
• To ‘be’ more, you have to detach. You have to let go of everything you think you want or need. Empty your cup. It’s uncomfortable and unsettling in the start, but that’s not *you* feeling the discomfort, but the feeling of losing things you acquired to complete you. You’ll know what you’ve acquired to feel safe by attachments.
• To be in the receiving mode, you have to be humble, and surrender to Allaah. That humility is the ultimate measure of strength because it’s who you are void of things to hide behind or to use to avoid yourself. It’s you in all your glory, and contrary to what you may believe, being humble is when you’re the most beautiful and appealing.
• If you want to become a seeker of truth, of life, then you must become a giver. The more you give away from what you learn and have, the more you receive. The intensity of the journey is at your discretion.

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