Logic needs to be more emotional 

Girls, we don’t NEED men. Let’s not love from a place of lack and need. Let’s GIVE love, and if we can’t because we don’t know how, then we need to learn to give it to ourselves first! It does no one any good to suppress ourselves and expect to be saved. We are individuals and human beings first and foremost. Don’t let society dictate your path in life.  The rules were made to keep you stuck, not make you grow.
All we need is Allaah…
Hajar was left in the middle of the desert with her newborn baby, by her husband, Ibraahiim khaleelullaah. And yet she not only survived but she thrived and was the base of a whole new society!
Maryam was getting fed from unknown sources, to the astonishment of her patron, Zakariya calayhissalaam. Likewise, she was giving birth ON HER OWN. And she received intuition calming her, giving her strength to shake a date palm. 
Khadija was not only financially rich but emotionally generous. Her husband, the beloved prophet sallAllaahu calayhi wasallam found support and unconditional acceptance when he felt down and vulnerable. If she didn’t have her own strength, she wouldn’t possibly be able to support him like that.
It was the quick thinking and intuitiveness that allowed Musa calayhissalaams mother to save him by throwing him in the river. 
The women in Madyan who Musa encountered, were supporting their father. 

Our strength is our intuition and emotional intelligence. Let’s not squander that, or belittle it. The world is in turmoils because of humans disconnection with their inner selves and emotions. 
Emotions are the most powerful force to be reckoned with. And their suppression are an act of patriarchal violence. 

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