Seeking shelter 

Sometimes I wonder
Are my feet moving or is life static? 

It’s like the phases of the moon that shows a different side of itself. But whether a crescent or a full moon, the moon is always the same. We just see it differently. 
I’ll strive to be more static and not be carried away by outside manipulations. It’s only when you are grounded in life that you can fly. It’s only when you let go of control that you feel safe. 
Gratitude. I have a rich collage of good memories to keep me company. I’ll strive to focus on that, and be content regardless of external circumstances. 
Like a cabin in the woods, with good insulation and cosy interior design that keeps the worst blizzards and rainstorms out, preserving the relaxing ambience. 

I want my soul to be like that cabin. I want to work on my cabin, exterminate pests, fix leaking pipes, insulate windows, clean, clean, clean.  Furnish with shelves and shelves of books, IKEA furniture, turquoise theme. Mirrors. A lot of storage and boxes. Keep things neat and organized. Soft pillows, warm blankets. Fireplace. Electric fireplace. I can’t be chopping wood in the middle of winter. Listen to rain sounds and Tracy Chapman on a good surround sound system. Aroma therapy. Burn fragrance oils. Lock my doors, switch off my lights. Sleep. 
I’m tired of hitchhiking. I want to come home to myself.

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