My parents had to teach me how to protect myself from the world before they taught me about myself 

My dad taught me the insides of a man’s world – the traps, the blindspots, the exit strategies.  He taught me the ways of a stealthy warrior, because he wouldn’t be able to always protect me.
He shaped me into fire – intense, unrivalled, unstoppable. I learnt to control the fire to either warm or burn.
My mum, the epitome of class. From her manners to her fashion sense to her homemaking skills. Poised, elegant. Everything I’m not. She taught me to be like water – yielding yet free. Gentle yet dangerous. I learnt to control the water to either keep others afloat, or drown them whole. 
It’s only now that I’ve come to realize how well they equipped me for the world I’m facing. Half of it is suffering , in flames, and I must put out the fire with my water. And the other half is a fire breathing dragon and the valley of my life runs through its dwelling place, for me to annihilate with fire. 
I just hope I don’t drown the good, or warm the evil in me. 

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