Shine, my sister 

The overarching theme of a woman’s life is sacrifice, giving, generosity.

Your task then is to create boundaries and let go of whatever disturbs your soul. there’s nothing noble in enduring toxicity.

If we don’t know how to rejuvenate ourselves, we’ll be giving from a place of nothingness, basically from emotional debt. This leads to exacting the debt from others by manipulating them into giving us the emotional currency we lack. Guilt tripping, projecting, passive aggressiveness, gaslighting.

Maternal narcissism is a prime example of what happens when a woman relinquishes her self hood for fear of having the ‘good woman ‘ revoked. So she uses her position as a mother to live vicariously through her kids which stunts their growth.

Patriarchy can’t stand if we take ownership of our narratives and full responsibility of our growth. No form of oppression or injustice exist in a vacuum. No matter what others say or do to you, you always have the final say in how you choose to interpret the circumstances.

People will oppress and violate others regardless of what they are told. Don’t wait for evil to go away for you to feel safe enough to practice goodness. No, that’s like waiting for the darkness to dissipate before you can lighten a candle.

Be good, even if everyone is bad. Be honest even if everyone is dishonest. Be loving even if everyone is manipulative. Be courageous even if everyone is conforming. Be trusting even if everyone is deceitful. Be appreciative even if everyone is ungrateful. Be you even if everyone is vehemently against that.

Do good even if no one recognizes or acknowledges it. Do good as a way to keep that lone candle in your soul flickering.

That’s how the darkness is pushed back; not through pleading or trying to appeal to its higher conscience. It doesn’t have a conscience. Once it possesses a person it numbs their empathy. 
Darkness is like a bad habit, you create a new, parallel habit and the bad habit will eventually fade as a result of being starved of reinforcement.

When you maintain your integrity in the face of injustices, you starve it of focus and energy.

Shine my sister.

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