Rediscovering Ramadaan#16

There are some people who attain conventional success, materialistic success and all sources of suffering seem to vanish. And so they start deluding themselves into thinking that they are self-made, that it was by hard work and determination that took them out of their slump.

The last iota of empathy shrivels up in their hardened heart where they harbour arrogance of cosmic proportions and they see everyone as below them.

Ask yourself. Where did the inspiration to embark on that path come from? Where did that willpower come from? Where did those opportunities come from? Where did those chance meetings come from?

If success is attained by hard work alone, the slaves would be the slave masters.
If we possess such absolute powers, then we would be divine gods.

If materialism is the meaning with life, then stuff dollar bills in your inner void and make that funereal pain stop . If materialism is the metric for success then work hard to live forever. Bid the rain to fall on hot days and the earth to move closer to the sun on cold winter morns’.

Suffering comes from a heart that is alive and a mind that is alert and hope that struggles to wrench the truth from the hands of evil.
Suffering is the only way to grow and become enlightened.

You feed your body and starve your mind. You line your pockets and your heart is empty. You think you’re alive but you’re dead and you’re just waiting to be buried.

( originally wrote 28/7/15)

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