Rediscovering Ramadaan#9

The rumbles of your hungry stomach
Your parched tongue
The headache that is ominously spreading around your head like a dark rain cloud
The tempations firing off in your weary head, albeit slower than usual

While others can see your physical body, only Allaah can see your soul.
The soul often gets lost in the dictatorship of the ego, the desperate need for approval, immediate gratifications.
And thus is lost the connection with Allaah.
The body might very well be busy in rukuuc and sujuud and Qur’aan recitation and Cumra, but if the soul is silent?
Whatever isn’t done for the sake of Allaah, never lasts. Because after everything perishes, only Allaah will remain, the King of Kings.

Ramadaan is a time of solitude, stillness. A time to recalibrate the soul. To start anew.

It’s a reminder that just like no one can feel your hunger, no one can feel your pain or your yearnings or your hopes or your joy.
Only Allaah truly knows you in the things that matter. He sees who you are behind your mask.

Which is why hypocrisy is worse than blatant kufr. Even minor hypocrisy like doing things like praying taraweeh or paying sadaqa so that you can get a good standing with the people, or hold back from something you wanted to do because you’re afraid of what people would say.
(This is how Fudayl ibn Ciyaad defined ikhlaas btw)
You are more concerned with what people will think than what Allaah knows of you. That is the antithesis of Tawheed.

And yet, Allaah never tires of calling us back from our self-destruction to our self-actualization.


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