⚪A light breeze

I love it when my thoughts sink to the bottom, leaving my mind unstirred if only for a brief moment

⚪A deep breath

Accepting myself unconditionally, embracing my imperfections, becoming whole.

⚪Wintry mornings

Sitting still in the eye of an inner storm, trusting that I’ll survive it.

⚪Belly laughs

Throwing all caution and scripts to the wind, and diving right into the present moment, come what may.

⚪Soul to soul conversations

Baring my complicated soul and having it accepted, welcomed, untangled.

⚪Crashing into bed after a long and tedious day

Resolving my inner conflict that spanned my entire life by submitting to whatever my soul is tugging and pulling me towards

⚪A glass of cold coke

Relishing in a guilty pleasure , and not criticizing myself for that because I’m going to grow past this.


Coming home to my soul, taking up space with no remorse, wearing the only truth I own.


Scanning souls for resonance. Scouring the earth for someone that sees my blindspots.


My soul’s hotspot.


A riddle I desperately want to solve

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