Castles in the sky



“Indeed, this religion is strong and well-established so enter into it deeply yet do so
gently. And do not cause the worship of your Lord to become hateful to you. For the
one who traverses it harshly will neither reach (his goal) nor will it spare anyone. So do actions like a person who thinks he will never die, and be cautious like a person
who fears he will die tomorrow.”
[Sunan al-Bayhaqi al-Kubra 3/19]


The deen is like the North Star; a constant journey towards the Hereafter. There’s no position to be reached; there won’t be a day when you wake up and you’ve made it, and can now hang out with the big guys. If that day ever comes, you’re in the wrong crowd. The deen is characterized by uncertainty and constant growth… By uncertainty I mean that you never feel convinced of your supposed piety or where you’re going to end up in the Hereafter.People who fall into extremism are those who’ve found a comfort zone in a certain ideology and amongst a certain group of people, and who try to fight the doubt they feel by telling everyone that theirs is the only way.

That’s dogma bruh, not deen.

The deen is a spiritual transformation of the heart.It’s performing ‘ibaadah starting from the heart, going outwards; If you feel numb or overwhelmed – take a few steps back, because something’s amiss. The only deeds that would count in your favour are the ones you performed with mindfulness ( khushoo’). The only acceptable deeds are the sincere ones, void of ulterior motives – i.e. being vulnerable with your Lord.

So instead of focusing on performing voluntary deeds like praying sunan or reading Qur’aan – focus on increasing the quality of the basic wajibat that you do; cultivate authenticity and self-acceptance, and know that the only thing that matters is what Allaah knows of you, not what people think of you – of good or bad.


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