When I give of myself, I create more space within myself to be filled by life. It’s one of the curious paradoxes of life.

When I withhold, I become poor because I limit myself to the little I have, and so I miss out on the vast love that floats in the universe.

I’ve learnt that my biggest enemy is my inability to tolerate uncertainty. I rush to project fantasies or scenarios to rest my gaze upon, because the dark abyss of the future is too frightening as it peers into my soul. It reflects back to me everything I’ve escaped from.

I fear if I lay still, that darkness in my soul will come up to the surface. I fear if I silence my inner chatter that I’ll hear something that’ll break me beyond repair.

Only when I accept that I will never know what will charge at me from the dark uncertainties that encompass me will I gain the freedom I need to go into myself, and into the world.

Respond to Roots

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