Do you remember

I see everything, even in the dark
I know too much, even if I try dumbing myself down
I carry the burden of every soul that my eyes fall upon
I read people like barcodes
I’m hiding because I can’t take it much longer
I’m looking to heal in exile
I can’t take carrying and never being carried
Understanding and never being understood
Listening but never be truly heard
Noticing but never noticed
If I hide, would someone come looking for me?

If I go out in the dead of the night, looking for stars to count –
How sweet it would be to have a hand to hold
An ear that’d listen to the stories I’d read off the constellations of stars
Someone in whose memory I would live on
Long after I’m gone
Someone to inherit the museum I keep in my heart
Someone who’d build bookshelves for the library I keep in my head

But alas, expectations can kill
and you look like you could murder my heart with a cold smile and shrug

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