This is what it feels like


I’ve battled depression/mental illness for a decade, been on medication for 2.5 years, and off medication for 1 month
But I’ll be an advocate for the marginalized for the rest of my life.

I’ll carry the stigma on my back to allow those who’ve been imprisoned under its reign a chance at living life without fear of what people will think.

I’ll champion those who refuse to adjust to a sick society and are left struggling with the stark contrast between who they are and what’s out there. I’ll walk with those who are afraid of being on medication because they’ve been told that it’s a cop-out for the weak. I’ll sit with those who are sick and tired of pretending to be okay. I’ll fight for those who are fighting their daemons, for not shutting down their hearts from the barrage of ignorance and pain of the world. Those who’d rather feel the pain so as to feel the joy, those who’d rather face the unsettling uncertainties so as to use their creativity to paint a new world into existence.

I won’t take away others pain because the cure is in the pain, nor will I answer others’ questions because they have to find their own answers within those questions. I won’t save those who are drowning because they need to dive deeper to retrieve what will breathe life into their souls. I just hope to show whoever I cross paths with that it’s ok to be who you are and feel what you feel. And that finding one’s unique path is the sole goal. As long as you’re trying to locate the source of your intuition, there is no wrong turn, no dead end. Every step forward will bring a lesson, and that’s all that matters.

Beace and bariis.

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