Bombs like fireworks

Let’s not blame our cognitive dissonance on a biased media, and let’s not numb our compassion towards those killed in Paris if we’ve numbed ourselves to the lost souls in other places. We’ve suffered compassion, compassion death in regards to ongoing conflict, to save our sanity. But let’s not avoid facing that fact by shitting on innocent souls in Paris. Yes the media is more attentive, but so are you.

This event highlighted my hypocrisy in having my passive attention taken away by sensationalized events and news. Novelty seeking. Bigger. Bolder. I don’t want blood. I want …b.l.o.o.d. Show me the world blown up like cars in action movies. Celebrities doing tricks like circus animals. Pass me the popcorn. What’s the latest viral video? Anything to take away my focus from going inwards where I’ll discover unsavory truths about my life. About my irresponsibility. About my wasted potential. About my scapegoats. About how fear has parked my life in the basement. About my gross neglect of my health. I’m subconsciously bracing myself for the day I get a serious illness diagnosis, because of years of taking away focus from myself. I’m in denial of my finite life, about my inevitable end. The bigger these concerns loom on my horizon, the more compelling my escapism grows. My taste for averting my gaze from what pains me whet my appetite for the shocking, the scandalous, the lurid.

Take away my focus, and make me a mere onlooker, an unwitting victim of an omnipotent media. And whilst you’re at it, please refill my glass with more coke.


Respond to Bombs like fireworks

Fire away!

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