London Diaries (I)

Originally posted Sept 25th, 11:41pm

Stuff I’ve observed:

1. Karma’s a bitch. The Brits colonized the world and now the world is colonizing London. The population in London is the entire population of Sweden. And that’s not accounting for illegal immigrants. They got what they deserved.

2. Londoners are creative in maximizing space. For one, there’s no storage in the homes because every nook and cranny is turned into a room,or 1/10th of a room 😂. The roads are super narrow because the buildings encroach on the main street, to maximize the surface area.

3. Londoners are very myopic and not creative at all. Possibly because of how crowded everything is.

4. The infrastructure is a disaster waiting to happen. There needs to be a serious transformation of housing,roads, and public transportation to accomodate for the population increase but it seems like the politicians aren’t concerned about longterm consequences. Everything is funneled into paving way for new hotels and international corporations.

5. Hotels and self-storage are ubiquitous and so many are under construction. I asked why self-storage, and I was told it was because there are no spaces within the homes

6.The general public are very complacent about social causes because they’re made to believe that their issues are because of lack of wealth. And the wealthy need chaos and a huge disparity in order to safeguard their wealth. Both are pawns in a bigger game with invisible players.

7. I hate hate hate London. I keep reminiscing on Sweden

8. The public transportation is rubbish and takes forever because the roads are so damn narrow

9. There are pubs and fast food joints everywhere which signals the complete breakdown of family structure.

10. The obsession with houses as opposed to flats is indicative of being stuck in a time where flats were considered lowly and less prestigious (even though these houses are more often than not dilapidated )

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