You’re a self-centred arrogant hypocritical thinker. You look at people in terms of what use they are to you. You constantly look down on people you don’t understand. You are always judging and labelling people. You oscillate between worshipping and loathing.
You like people based on how they interest you. You have a corrupt moral compass. You apply your judgment on others to the exclusion of yourself.

You’ll miss out on what’s truly good in this life because you carry around a rotten piece in your heart that you refuse to part with. You only see in this world what’s in your heart and you have gruesome goggles on. If only you spent an iota of the time you pursue others to like you to actually discover yourself, you’d be a force to be reckoned with. But now you’re a meteorite floating through space, crushing what comes in its path, admirable to the distant onlookers. And once you get to another’s personal space, you either burn up or end up destroying the other person.

I’m done with trying to stand in your pathway and resist your crushing words and firey treatment. I’m done looking for the good in someone who only sees bad in you. I’m done hoping for someone’s potential and who they could be if given enough love and care, when the person in question doesn’t give a shit about themselves. I’m done being an option to someone I view as priority. I’m done making excuses for douchebaggery and shittiness.

We’re done.

Respond to Destruction

Fire away!

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