A barking dog never bites


Pain aversion is a kidnapper holding you up at gunpoint. Threatening you with all kinds of bad stuff. It works because you are scared. You comply, not thinking straight because all you want is to be safe, to get that gun out of your face. But you just let it into your house, now tu casa es su casa .
Fear is : crackling,whining sound. Whispers that aren’t too far but not near enough for you to locate the source. Talks when you tell it to shut up. Shuts up when you tell it to speak up. Chases you if you run away. Runs away if you chase it.

But when you face that gun and all that the evil in the barrel entails, stillness ensues. When you are in the midst of terror, a paradoxical tranquillity encompasses you. Though the pain runs deep, it’ll be over before dawn. Though it’ll be pitch black for an intense moment, it’s just before the dawn breaks through the sky, to save you. And when the first rays of the day seek you, you’ll be free forever. Your courage is a bullet-proof vest.

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