An inner quest

And this is how the shayateen misguides people; not by force but by appealing to the false pursuits we become addicted to whether it be search for power, validation, money. Because we’re afraid of the pangs of consciousness that we think awaits us if we reconnect with ourselves or stop living for others , we are ever in flight from ourselves. It is in this mindless and unconscious headspace that the shaytaan can exert control over us because we’re essentially enslaved by our fear and by our addictions and cravings.
The journey towards Allaah is a life-long quest one takes via the heart, and it’s when true change and inspiration occurs within that the external actions are accepted. Ibaadah is not measured by x amount of voluntary deeds one does. The metrics used are in terms of inner transformation which is gradual. That’s why we’re never able to keep up something we overwhelm ourselves with in the beginning; it’s because it was never heartfelt and it didn’t take root in the heart.


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