Social responsibility

Shit gets messed up when we rely on a handful socially aware individuals to curate relevant news and tragedies. This is a naive outlook on the world, to think that news outlets and online activists prioritize the truth and humanitarian disasters. There’s no cop-out to being engaged. Everyone has an individual responsibility and accountability to create an awareness of what hits close to home. If you’re a Somali, you can’t expect ‘the world’ to take note of the atrocities perpetuated by the likes of AMISOM or the recent maritime boundary dispute between Somalia and Kenya if you’re not engaged yourself.
If you ever ask yourself why nobody is doing anything about an issue, know that it’s because you aren’t.

It’s tough and tedious to self-educate, analyze,discuss,write,ask, petition, and therefore it’s easier and more comfortable to convince oneself that there’s nothing one can do. It’s cowardice and the worst kind of deception is deceiving yourself.
Even if you don’t have the energy or will to be engaged, at least don’t deflect responsibility from yourself by putting the blame on someone else.

Yes, you can’t do everything, but don’t let that make you lose sight of the things you can do, however minute.

2 responses to Social responsibility

  1. Assalam alikum abayoo. My name is Asia and I am a vivid follower of your blog. I find your writing very easy to relate to, articulated and informative. Its just surreal and I love it. So I was just wondering if there is anyway I could contact you personally. Thank u so much


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