Warda Hussein


YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. You are not always aware that you are in the present moment. The present moment continues with your awareness or without it. The difference is one of power. When you are aware in the present moment, you have the option of power. When you are not aware in the present moment, you have no power. 

Not having power means being under the control of external circumstances. Having the option to create power means you are able to decide what you will say next and do next, and the consequences you will create with your words and actions. All possibilities exist in the present moment. When you are aware of the present moment, you have access to all possibilities that the present moment offers.

Most people are not aware of the present moment, and the options available to them are very limited. When they are offended, they get angry and shout or withdraw. When they are tempted by alcohol, they drink it. When they are jealous, they become focused on a narrow part of the vast array of experience that presents itself moment by moment. 
That vast array is all contained in the present moment. Becoming aware of the present moment gives access to that vast array, and with that vast array of experience comes numerous possibilities.

It is not possible to become aware of the present moment by examining, studying, or thinking about external circumstances. The more absorbed you become in these activities, the less aware of the present moment you are. 

[…]  You cannot see all of the outer landscape that surrounds you while you are unaware of your inner landscape. Your inner landscape is the anchor of your experience. It is the ground of your life. When you live your life without seeing it, your life becomes ungrounded. You are tossed about by circumstances like a leaf in the wind. You become a boat without a rudder, and the currents of your life take you where they go, whether you want to go there or not.

Your inner landscape is richer than your outer landscape, no matter how magnificent the sunrise you are seeing might be, or how awesome the night sky above you, or how immense the turbulent ocean rushing towards you. It is more diverse and more meaningful. It is your inner landscape that gives meaning to your outer landscape. A golden sunset does not fill you with appreciation. Your inner landscape does. When you mistake the circumstances that you encounter in your outer landscape for the experiences of your inner landscape, you miss the point entirely.


Zukav, Gary, and Linda Francis. “The Present Moment.” The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness. New York: Simon & Schuster Source, 2002. 86. Print.

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