Sail across my heart


I dont care what fancy car you drive
I want to know what drives your heart when the world seems to fall apart from all around you
I couldn’t care less about what you’ve studied or how many prestigious degrees you hold
Only how aware you are of every thought that enters your mind and every urge your heart commands your body with
I don’t care how many friends you’ve got or followers for that matter
Only how comfortable you are being  alone on bleak Sundays when nothing can distract you from the searing pain in your chest where everything you’ve been unable to face burns
I don’t care for designer shoes or how dapper you look in that outfit
I want to see how your soul looks like when no one is watching at 2:49 am when you lie awake, unable to sleep
Are you strong enough to be vulnerable with me?
Despite the fear you feel that even after you risk it all, I could reject you

I have a curious case of spiritual wanderlust

All I want to know is this: have you embarked on the journey within?

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