Look me in the heart

To love, to truly,really,deeply,madly,authentically love. You need to clear your mirror, untangle the knots, remove all your hiding places and oust the monsters who hide in your closet during the day and come out on rainy,stormy nights.

To love, you need to be still and quiet within yourself. Fear and shame make such a mess and an awful din that you can barely hear yourself think.

To love deeply you need to close your eyes and open your heart to see this other human being. See this person’s memories,thoughts,fears; notice their tiny idiosyncrasies like how they fiddle with a nail clipper when they feel anxious, or how they use a spoon to spread strawberry jam on bread. Let this person be suspended in time and place as God intended them to be; don’t negate or exacerbate by imposing your…discomfort.

To love authentically you need to…be still when storms brew within you and your entire being is threatened by the few monsters who managed to slink away. You’ll soon see.

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