Bone of contention with TWD

I’m a bitter fan. I’ve watched all 5 seasons – reluctantly, may I add, and I catch up whenever I’m bored out of my mind. There are many shows I don’t care for, but the TWD has such potential and it would be a contender for Breaking Bad were it not for the shitty plot line! I know that millions love this show, but I need this out of my system ( and I’m sure I’m not the only one). So here are my issues:

1.  Irregular zombies.
Please explain how these zombies, the walkers, can be heard a mile away with their disgusting grumble, but every now and then manage to creep up on people? That’s so stupid, it’s insulting !

2. OK, you know the nice, crackling sound their heads make when crushed with a kick or the swing of a bat ? Are their heads made of plaster? And if so, how on earth do they manage to maul people and chew off a big chunk in one swift bite? I’m not a dentist, but I’m pretty sure you need strong teeth and jaws to be able to do that. But hey, maybe they floss every night before bed and eat all their veggies!

3. Is the running, being discovered, arguing like kids, running again, bumping into hooligans – going to continue for the remainder of the series? The world is overrun by zombies, for crying out loud! Switch stuff up! It’d be nice to see the zombies evolve – get smarter, faster. And what happened in the beginning? What set things off? Let them find a bunker or something. Or come across a nerd with scientific prowess to figure things out ( unlike that Eugene). And don’t drag a shitty convo for 2.5 episodes! Geez

4. This is probably the clean-freak in me, but how on earth do they not die from lack of hygiene? They never change clothes, shower, brush their teeth – these things might be trivial if it’s only for a limited time, but this long? Come on. And, I’m going to confess, I want those things incorporated because I’d like to borrow a leaf from the show in case of a zombie apocalypse.

5. Get more badasses like Michonda, Daryl, and Carol!

6. Despite them being on the run for years, there is no solid master plan, no contingencies. They are just roaming. No plans in case of emergencies like group splitting or a herd of walkers run them down. Street smarts is what’s lacking in huge doses !

7. Invent a way to go undetected in the zombies’ midst. Like Rick and Glenn did in the first season when they smeared blood on themselves ( and conveniently got rained on).


OK, I admit. I’m still grieving Breaking Bad.



3 responses to Bone of contention with TWD

  1. (I don’t watch the show, but as a life-long SF fan, I’ve seen my share of zombies.) One problem is that zombies are fairly preposterous. One can skate past a lot of the obvious problems in the short span of a single movie, but over several seasons of a TV show is another matter.

    Another problem is that TV shows increasingly seem to focus on iconic and action elements to carry them through. Meanwhile they often devalue good plotting, sensible analysis of their own established reality, and logical behaviors within the context. (Some even seem to throw time out the window.)

    Straight (i.e. modern day, realistic) fiction is hard enough to “get right.” When you add elements of fantasy it gets even harder, and it takes real dedication and skill to pull it off well.


    • Blues Fairy – Author

      I also think it reflects the general populace and for their contentment with movies/shows without substance. I guess when one is avoiding one’s thoughts, a mindbender is not a priority.


      • True dat! I don’t get — at the gut level — the idea of watching (or reading) something mindless, but I do get that some folks need that. I am totally into the idea of escape — fiction is great for that — but I need it to be good fiction. :\


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