February Face


I don’t understand why I can’t live and just be
Without having to mean anything,everything,something, just one thing
I don’t understand why you can’t be a man and be ready
and I can’t understand why I’m incensed and can’t be steady
I’m an active volcano and a red giant about to die
                       like I got something to hide
Unstable like I’m Jekyll & Hyde
I’m fighting an endless battle with myself and I can’t pick a side
Everyday’s a nightmare ride without an end in sight
I want to feel alive
Will you help me
                                                                       = survive?=

Or let’s cheat death and flee life like Bonnie and Clyde
I’ll loot and I’ll lust
I’ll break and I’ll bust
You’ll look in disgust
…I’ve revealed myself at last
Another façade bites

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