distraction v. extraction

Agnes Toth


Pain once inflicted never goes away. Emotional pain, that is. Physical pain either heals or kills us. But emotional pain lingers on and I try so hard to distract myself from it. A bottle of Coke, mindless browsing – and it’s gone. Or so I think. But the only thing I’ve done is bury it deeper within me and it becomes silent for a moment because it’s busy eating away at its’ new-found haven. And when it’s full and bored, it comes up and rear its ugly head once again, scaring me into submission like it’s done since I was a defenseless child. There was a time that distraction was my only means for survival, but that time is long past. Now is the time for extraction of that bullet. Now is the time to pull it up instead of pushing it down. I’m batshit scared, ain’t gon’ lie. Or perhaps it’s the pain that is scared.

Shit, she came to her senses. 

One response to distraction v. extraction

  1. If you’re pushing it down it seems like it wants to go somewhere. Maybe it’s trying to break free and fly away on its own? Maybe the question is: pushing down? … or nurturing?


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