Things that make me happy :)

  1. Not having to get up early
  2. Averting a full-bladder-i’m-gonna-pee-myself accident by making it to the bathroom by nanoseconds XD
  3. Rainy and stormy nights
  4. Darkness
  5. Fragrances; scented candles,perfumes, soap.
  6. a charged phone
  7. internet!!
  8. Lying down on my bed after a tedious day, and my back seemingly shifts into place. Good stuff.
  9. Reading something profound where I have to look away to process it.
  10. Receiving personal emails and messages.
  11. When someone listens to me without trying to make me feel better, or convince me otherwise. Validation
  12. Clean feeling in my mouth after I brush my teeth and use the tongue cleaner. 😀
  13. Discovering new concepts and theories that help me understand myself and the world.
  14. Kissing and hugging my nephew AJ
  15. Posting something that I poured my heart into writing.

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