Spark a Thought #2


5 responses to Spark a Thought #2

  1. I think sometimes our words do return… both in good ways and bad ways. If someone tells you that something you said meant a lot to them, that’s a really good feeling. And then there’s having your words “thrown in your face” — not such a good feeling. :\

    I’ve been thinking about time recently. They talk about spacetime and how time and space are somehow similar, but we can chose to move about in space. Time we ride, willy nilly, with no control or say in the matter. And while we can move forward or backward in space, time is a ride that only goes forwards. At one speed. No matter what.

    Weird stuff, time!


      • I can’t really do it justice in a comment. I have been thinking about a post on the matter (I have been planning one about time for a while).

        The short form: we exist in three-dimensional space. We can move (for example) left-right, forward-backward, or up-down. These are the three spacial axes along which we can move. And we can choose to move along them under our own power or stand still and not move.

        Einstein merged time with space to create spacetime, and under some conditions, time is seen as just another dimension (meaning we live in a four dimensional spacetime).

        But we have no choice regarding the dimension of time. We can’t stand still, nor can we choose our motion.

        Time is something special — not just another dimension — and it’s something we don’t really understand yet.


      • Brian Greene has written some good books, and there is a lot of stuff on YouTube. There’s one channel, “Minute Physics” and another “Sixty Symbols” that I know have some nice videos.


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