It’s ok to feel shitty

As children, we had to survive on external sources for emotional validation until we developed our own consciousness. But what often happens, and is so tragic, is that we continue living like children, as frail and as dependent as children, which leaves our consciousness passive and suggestible. Seeking validation from others invalidates one’s intuition. It’s as if you are saying ,
‘ I have to corroborate what I’m feeling because it’s not true unless others give me the go-ahead’.

Self-validation is about respecting yourself, loving yourself, caring for you and not expecting others to fulfill this. Because no one can, and no one will. The way you evaluate yourself through thoughts and self-image dictates what kind of expectations you have of life, and as a natural consequence, the kind of life you’ll lead. You teach others how you wish to be treated by showing them what you tolerate. If you tolerate negative self-talk, then you’ll tolerate negativity from others.

You have everything you’ll ever need in life. You just need to find it.

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