the heart knows your intent


Words are given meaning by the inner energy that sparked the urge to express them in the first place. If they, the words, come from a place of…authenticity,vulnerability,raw emotions, then this is how they get translated to the reader; they enter through the eyes and straight to the heart where they force their way in, like moles burrowing away underground. They then melt and the emotions that were encapsulated within these words seep through every emotional fibre in one’s soul…

If, however, one is urged to create words- be it in writing or speech-, not from a place of intrinsic motivation, but from a superficial, dare I say conniving, desire to take something away from the reader, to try to design a certain outcome, to restrict one’s speech to this end- then this, too, gets translated to the reader, but not in a favourable way. The heart, which is like the taste buds of the soul, senses that something is rotten in the state of Denmark in reading these words which hunger to feed from the reader’s mind, and the heart rejects this bitterness. They then make their way to the brain, where they prowl, void of substance and meaning, looking for something to sink their teeth into, like the (verbal)parasites they truly are. The reader is left with fatigue, and a dry aftertaste as they struggle to understand the point of the text they just read. But of course, they find none, and turn their focus elsewhere, regretful at having entertained hopes of a good read.

Respond to the heart knows your intent

Fire away!

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