Once upon a game I was a timer. The end.




PS1’s : Sled Storm. Crash Bandicoot. Tekken 3. Hercules. Abe’s Odyssey.Globetrotter (PC). Intelligence Qube.Overboard






I played these 97-99 on PS1 ( which I tagged along to buy) and I’m not sure what happened after that. My brothers were ( still are ) obsessed gamers who would spend every possible moment clutching the controllers,glued to the tv, and I could not be bothered enough to contest that.


Of the whole bunch, Crash is my all-time favourite, and Abe is the saddest thing. I think Abe is one of the most underrated games ever. It has a surprisingly deep backstory that the game opens with ( aliens enslaved and Abe discovers the owners are planning to make meat out of the slaves, and he must save them) but I must say that I was incredibly scarred by this game. I remember feeling like I was literally in that factory with Abe, running from those guards. It actually felt like I was there, hence why I could never play violent games where I’m chased.

Intelligence Qube was a demo I think. After years of looking for the title, I recently found it again. Remember demos? They were a treat.

Crash Bandicoot , though.I still remember the music and the sound the mask made ‘ huggala-buggala’. I still love the game.

The only reason why I loved Tekken is because I’d win intermittently by button-bashing 😀 . My favourite characters were Ling Xiaoyu, Eddie and Jin Kazama.

Overboard was probably a demo, too and I hated it. For some reason, it’s stuck with me and I used to have  nightmares about it up until a few years ago. It had the creepiest music that I can still hear in my head!

Sled storm ( which we used to pronounce Slide storm for years :D) was a cool game when I didn’t have to compete. One of my favourite phrases in the game ( and so random!) are : Nosedive Suicide No Hander.








2 responses to Once upon a game I was a timer. The end.

  1. I too am a gamer. I also loved crash bandicot and tekken. I have all the old and new consoles. My old favorites are Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3 on super Nintendo and Final Fantasy 7 on ps1 ♡♡♡


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