dream rollercoaster


circa December 2008

Twirling Burning

In a Whirlwind

Turning, Searching, Asking for him

Breathe out -sigh- wow. that was amazing
Crawling,dawning, haunting under my skin
It’s scary,lovely ,overwhelming
Tossing,turning,learning an already known thing
Suppressing,It’s bubbling and bursting
Picture th feeling
Heating,eating away on me, am I dreaming?
Dizzy, crazy and I don’t know what I’m saying
Slowly,waiting, i think im dying
Rain on me, sunshine feeling th clouds rolling in
Bending,breaking it’s already raining
Holding,molding th fear and im fading
Loving,hating- th same thing

heat is unfolding
Rhyming very shady

i think it’s of th 17th shading

i’m aching

th skies are clearing
Silence,no violence,lightning I open my eyes and
it’s already morning

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