scriptoris obstructionum

I thought my perfectionism had died. I thought I had recovered. Turns out I simply knocked it out cold and chained it up in the basement of my mind aaand…it’s back. It never left, so it can’t be back but it’s controlling me again. I can’t write anymore. At least not the way I want to. I feel like I’m shackled up and have to write with a pen- in my mouth! I end up doodling on the paper because my jaws hurt too much to warrant the effort to write properly.hell to the no.

writer’s block? Nah. Too benign. writer’s paralysis.


3 responses to scriptoris obstructionum

  1. Let go of that judgment of perfectionism, rest with the body sensation the strong emotions brought forth.

    Sounds like a desire to be who you were has stolen the time you have now.

    Can you let go of the idea you need to write a certain way

    Do you think happiness is only found in writing a this way or that way?

    What brings this loss?

    Is it real?

    Or created from desires


  2. Thank you for not getting defensive and take my response as criticism. I write also and I was a perfectionist, I suffered under that cold harsh master.

    Accepting what you are and your current situation is key. If we do not judge ourselves we free ourselves to be able to be human, make mistakes be flawed and still smile.

    We are reonsibility for effort and attitude, results do not last, attitude and being present are most permanent.


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