What exactly is personality?

Hearken ! You guys, I’ve fallen in love!


…with a book that is! Syke 😛

But seriously, I’m enthralled and completely taken with this book that has set my soul on fire; The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis. I transcribed some excerpts from another book by the same authors; The Heart of the Soul. I hope I won’t be violating any Fair Usage policies, because I have a feeling I’ll be referencing these books A LOT! I kid not, I’m enamoured – complete with the butterflies and starry eyes. 😀

Without further ado, here’s my soulbook    😉

Your personality is perfectly suited to the needs of your soul. Your challenges and joys, the decisions you make, and the consequences they create are all experiences of your personality. For example, you listen to music and read books with your personality. From your birth until your death your personality provides you experiences that are tailored for your spiritual growth, to assist you in healing the frightened parts of your personality and cultivating the parts that are healthy and wholesome. Your experiences show you these different parts.

Your personality is a vessel designed for a single voyage. When the voyage is over, your soul discards it. All that is born, including your personality, dies. When you think that you and your personality are the same, you do not understand your beginning and you fear your end. Your personality is an exquisite, appropriate,complex, and temporary energy tool of your soul.

Your personality includes your body. It is male or female, delicate or large, brown or yellow, and it moves through childhood, youth,adulthood, and old age without respite. When you die, your body returns to ashes and dust, its destination. Everybody will reach it.

Your personality includes your intuitional structure. As you become multisensory, you become highly intuitive. Every individual experiences intuition in his or her own way. Your intuition helps you stay alive and safe. It is clarity when you are confused, and the unexpected answer to your question. All this information comes from the nonphysical world. In other words, intuition is the voice of the nonphysical world, and your intuitional structure is the way you experience intuition.

Your personality includes your intellect. The intellect and the five senses are collaborators. The five senses gather data and the intellect analyzes them. Intellect is the ability to think and reason, which gave early humans the ability to recognize that sharp rocks cut, sticks could be used as levers, and fire could warm a shelter.In this way, it has discovered countless means to manipulate and control external circumstances to enhance survival. That is its job.

Your personality includes your emotions. Emotions are currents of energy that run through you, informing you when you are learning wisdom through fear and doubt, and when you are learning it through love and trust. When you learn in fear and doubt, you become angry, jealous, resentful, vengeful, judgmental, critical, and in other ways attempt to control. When you learn through love and trust, you are appreciative, content, engaged in the present moment, relaxed, and fulfilled.

Your personality includes your five senses.No personalities perceive exactly the same. For example, some hear better, some distinguish colors better, some have a keen sense of smell, others are touch sensitive, etc.

All of these – your body, intuitional structure, intellect, emotions, five-sensory perceptions, and multisensory perceptions- make up your personality. You cannot give the gifts your soul wants to give while the frightened parts of your personality are in control. For example, you cannot be angry and cooperate at the same time, resent and create harmony at the same time, or in-tend to win and to share at the same time. As you heal the frightened aspects of your personality- the parts that compete, hoard, create discord, and exploit – you become energetic and creative. Appreciation replaces judgment, you become less rigid, and people become interesting to you because of who they are instead of what they can do for you.


Imagine your personality as a mansion with a different individual living in each room. Each has unique perceptions, values, and behaviors, and if you are not aware of the individuals, they do what they please. You may not even suspect that some of them are living in your mansion until you suddenly become angry, jealous, resentful, or fume, withdraw emotionally,criticize, feel superior or inferior, or are compelled to agree or disagree, and a pleasant conversation abruptly becomes disturbing.These are some of the ways you can encounter the individuals in your mansion. There are other ways, also, such as realizing you immediately dislike a stranger. You might believe that you have no prejudices, but a part of your personality does.If you are unaware of the frightened pars of your personality, they will emerge when they choose, say what they please, and do what they want.

When you cannot stop shopping, eating, or drinking, or you cannot say no to sex, or you become angry when you want to be patient, you are under the control of a frightened part of your personality. Your compulsive, obsessive, and addictive behaviors each show you frightened parts of your personality. Your personality also has parts that are kind, patient, generous, loving, and trusting, that give, receive, and care about others. These are the parts that are aligned with the intentions of your soul.

Creating authentic power requires going through your mansion, room by room, and meeting each individual- those who hate and rage as well as those who love and comfort; those who are terrified and those who are fearless.Some of them you already know, others you have not met, and yet others you pretend are not there.

When someone ” pushes your button”, a frightened part of your personality becomes active, and you do things you regret, such as damage an important relationship. You do not want to create damage, but a part of your personality that is angry, jealous, or resentful cares about putting someone in the wrong or getting what it wants, and you become righteous and rigid. You may want meaningful relationships, but while angry, jealous, or resentful parts of your personality are free to speak, you will not be able to create them.

Becoming aware of the different parts of your personality allows you to choose for yourself what you will do in each circumstance. Most people can make good choices when they are calm and grounded. Can you still make good choices when you are jealous, vengeful, angry, feeling inferior, or feeling superior?

Zukav, Gary, and Linda Francis. The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice. New York: Free, 2003. Print.


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