Arabesque soul

I’m an anomaly,rebellious,quirky,eccentric,enigmatic,stubborn,haughty – depending on who’s defining me. Each sees something different because each see in me what they possess in themselves, but try to negate.

I don’t define myself, because I can’t. Labels are for things so that they can be found. I want to be lost.

Whatever I am, I strive to be unbridled and because of this, I’m more than the sum of my traits.

I’m made up of strange patterns and mysterious streaks that somehow interweave about each other without actually enmeshing; each retaining their mysterious uniqueness, to create an ethereal sight on the canvas of my soul. A strange, iridescent, ethereal impression that can’t be quite deciphered except through an honest heart. And it is then, that one can see me in all my Arabesque splendor.



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