Incandescent love

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames”
— Rumi


If you are looking for the ‘one‘, you are looking in the wrong places.
As long as you are driven by the flurry of butterflies in your stomach brought on by starry eyed passion,
the heart that is skipping rope inside your ribcage,
the daily trips to fantasy land that you get lost in,
the mental life you’ve already carved out for the both of you, like a game of the Sims;

I’m sorry to have to tell you this; you’ll never find them. Ever.

Your smile faded with that sentence, and a cold knot settled in your diaphragm.
I’m not a callous jerk, really.
But you’ll never find them, because what you are pursuing is a mirage conjured by your parched & starved heart. Starved of love.

What you are really seeking is something cool and soothing to heal your broken heart. Broken,crushed, suppressed by the ones you loved. You opened your heart for them; your parents, your friends, your crush; but as soon as you did so, a gust of wind extinguished the fire in your heart and you withered.

What you are really seeking is for someone to love you once again, so as to rekindle that fire in the cockles of your heart. You want her or him because the story you’ve created in your mind ended with them in your arms and a fire in your heart.

Your story is true, if only you saw it from a different angle ; they won’t be able to rekindle your heart, but if you could muster the strength to heal yourself and rekindle another fire, then they’ll be attracted to that; like moths to the flame.

As long as you keep that fire burning with honesty & passion, they’ll be there beside you, fanning the flames.

ethereal path in the forest

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