A sombre evening

Midnight Thoughts & Thunder

Serial soliloquies



time:a while before midnight 

⁄⁄⊗: Strength is found in facing one’s weakness.

⁄⁄⊗: Dark thoughts seep through gradually like the twilight does the evening sky. And like the twilight finds itself with the receding sunrays, dark thoughts are invited by the fading light in one’s heart. You can’t really fight dark thoughts because they are simply signalling to you that something is amiss;look to what once was there but now is lost.

⁄⁄⊗:Change is always initiated inside-out. To bring about good change, you need to plant the seed in your mind and to reverse a bad change you ought to retrace your steps to the origin. 

⁄⁄⊗: Never frustrate yourself with something your heart has protested. It knows what it can bear and the pain is telling you something, so humble yourself and listen. You know what you need to do if you dare let go of what you think you want to do.



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