I’m a weakling, so what?

You can’t hurt me without a written invitation from me & mine

Me & my insecurities

You can’t kill my vibe without tying my noose of fear around my neck

Pull hard

You can’t offend me without doing so politely

‘Please’ and ‘may I’

May I make you feel small and insignificant, please?

On other days I’d concede, nod and bow my head in shame

Let your hate impact me and shatter my being

But today is different. Today I-

I unsnare I unscare I unhurt I unkill I unconcede

I peel off the dirty lies

Your lies, your views, your opinions- I disrobe

and as I stand bare in nothing but my scar- and flaw -laden soul,

Your power you exerted over me cascades down

Gathers in a tiny, murky puddle at your feet

Today is different and today you see your evil reflected in that puddle

You see that your entire life is murky and insignificant

and all the hatred you spewed at me became my strength and it became your destruction





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